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All American, All the Time
Best in Service
Best in Brands
Best in Quality

All American, All the Time

We are proud to distribute an amazing selection of the best American craft beer brands across Japan.
The Japanese market is full of passionate, engaged and thirsty beer drinkers. We seek to provide a cultural beer-bridge between Japanese consumers and our portfolio of American Craft Breweries.
The breweries we represent are full of creativity, innovation and amazingly flavorful beer.

Best in Service

We care about customers. We care about beer because we are like you beer drinkers.
As beer drinkers we want to enjoy high quality beer in perfect condition so we always make an effort toward that goal.
We are a trusted supplier our customers and a trusted partner to the breweries we represent.
We always listen to our customer needs and sincerely consider how to best help.

「Best in Service」〜サービスにベストを
Best in Brands

We deeply care about the brands we work with as if they were our own.
We greatly respect each brewery’s vision and work with them to develop a plan for the Japanese market.
We are fortunate to import and distribute the best and most exciting U.S. craft brands.
We are always exploring how to expand the opportunity for the All-American portfolio of craft beer we represent.

Best in Quality

We care about quality. We care about brewery freshness. We care about tastiness for customers.
We only receive and ship the freshest beers from breweries. We are 100% cold from the brewery to our customer account in Japan. We also require cold storage at the retail and on-premise account.
We pick-up beer from the breweries using cold trucks, we off load the beer into our cold warehouse in the U.S. before loading into refrigerated ocean containers.
We keep the beer cold during customs clearance and when stored in our warehouse in Japan. We also deliver the beer cold shipping out from our cold warehouse to customers all over Japan.
We care about quality and we never stop trying to improve our quality controls.

Quality control

Nagano Trading Standard
“Cold Chain Program”


Why do we need “100% cold chain”?
・All beers make taste down by days aging, temperature, and lights.
・Either beer with pasteurize or non-pasteurize, beer, especially craft beers should be treated deli products like fresh milk.
・Once beers keep in dry for a while, or more than 10ºC (Especially Japanese climate is high temperature and high humidity!), the taste will go down and we can’t bring back their original taste even set them back to refrigerator when they serve or sell on shelves.
・We are delivery company. Our mission is deliver “tasty beer” from brewery fresh. If the brewery fresh beer doesn’t taste “tasty”, that will be the responsibility of ours, and on/off premise customers. That is why, we set Nagano Trading Standard “Cold Chain Program” to all of our customers to keep the brand value in Japanese market. You can enjoy best beers at our best customer joint!